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7 treasures box

Elevated Wellness Delivered every other month

A carefully curated bi-monthly box of 7 esoteric wellness treasures and a few regular staples to enhance your lifestyle and pantry.

The 7 Treasures is a curated collection of transformative staples that work synergistically for healthy living. Delivered every other month each box offers a new and unique selection of treasures curated to provide you the essentials for each time of year. 

Each carefully curated 7 Treasures box contains a composition of following collection:

  • A complete nourishing daily supply of probiotics and/or fermentations for digestive health
  • A little something for a metabolic jumpstart such as specially sourced coffee, tea, tonics or other brain activating items along with the tools and a detailed easy recipe guide
  • Enzymatically rich alkalizing skin and body care item(s)
  • Alchemized oral health item
  • A gluten-free vegan baked treat or key components and recipes to bake a unique nutrient dense culinary creation
  • Organic wild crafted tonic herbs, adaptogens, bioactive minerals, and other transformative formulas supporting internal health
  • A bountiful supply of key superfoods, plant proteins, tonic herbs, ingredients and instructions to make superfood smoothies and juices at home
  • A lusty unique treat to tantalize the tastebuds


All products are organic, gluten free, and vegan.