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The Alkalizing Power of Our Charcoal Lemonade

We’ve combined two powerfully alkaline substances to make a full power detox hydrator. Although many people think lemon is acidic, it actually changes into an alkaline substance in our bodies. What’s so great about being alkaline? Disease can’t thrive in an alkaline environment. When we consume mostly acidic foods, we create an acidic environment, a perfect home for foreign invaders and ill health to manifest.

Activated charcoal is a completely alkaline substance that holds a negative ionic charge. Toxins and poisons have a positive ionic charge, and so the law of attraction comes into play. The toxins in our bodies bind to the charcoal and we’re able to eliminate them through our digestive tract. This works topically as well, which is why people have used activated charcoal on insect bites and to brighten yellow teeth.

So why would you need to remove toxins from your body, unless you were poisoned?

Having potent detoxifying substances like activated charcoal in your wellness arsenal is of great benefit to your overall wellbeing. Not to mention it’s a lot more pleasant than many other popular cleansing agents. Completely tasteless and odorless, the only thing you’ll notice is the color, but black drinks are the new green drinks, so no worries.

Having a Charcoal Lemonade is really useful anytime you’re questioning the quality of the foods or beverages you’re consuming. We all find ourselves in situations at times where we have to make compromises or go hungry. If you’re worried about food poisoning at a shady restaurant, have a charcoal lemonade and drink it before or after your meal. Many people like to take it with alcohol and report a reduction in nasty hangover symptoms.

Indulge in the coolest lemonade on the planet (for real, where else can you get black lemonade?) and feel confident that you are doing your overworked organs a huge favor. We’ve added electrolyte balancing pink himalayan sea salt, pink peppercorns, fresh thyme, and a touch of healthy low glycemic index unrefined coconut palm sugar which is dehydrated sap from palm trees to sweeten the deal.

Enjoy Charcoal Lemonade by itself as the natural effect of activated charcoal is to absorb, that includes nutrients from your food. Another great time to drink our lemonade is after a workout, the salt will rehydrate and the charcoal can help lower lactic acid.

Words of Caution

• Don’t take activated charcoal with any medications as it will inhibit their absorption.

Our Charcoal Lemonade as well as jars of our raw pure activated charcoal is available in store and online.