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Some of our most frequently asked questions. Please reach out to us below if you have additional questions we can help answer.

are you organic?

All of our products made in house and sold in our stores are completely organic.

How Is juice supply unique?

Our juices are designed with the highest standards in product integrity with the absolute best ingredients possible. We have designed our recipes in conjunction with multiple nutritionists and wellness coaches to have specific targeted health benefits, as well as to take advantage of nature’s natural cofactors with specific combinations of produce and superfoods. Our production team sources a very wide array of unique superfoods, ayurvedic herbs, and specialty ingredients that we utilize in our formulations and recipe development. In our formulations we put desired health benefits over having a lower food cost and as such our juices contain far higher concentrations of dense leafy greens with higher PH levels than our competitors. All of our products are truly raw, live, and amazing for you.

what is hpp (high pressure pascalization) and do you use it?

No, we do not HPP or heat pasteurize any of our products at all. 

High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) is a cold form of pasteurization. It is one of two allowable methods by the FDA to process juice and foods to kill bacteria to the required 5 log pathogen reduction levels. With the HPP process, juice is exposed to extreme pressure in the 80,000-90,000 psi range which is equivalent to taking the juice down to over 200,000 feet below sea level. This process denatures enzymes and microorganisms in the juice leaving a murdered juice that is no longer fresh, raw, or live. Juice companies must also reformulate their juices to achieve specific lower PH levels and acidity levels that are conducive to the HPP process instead of formulating their juices for health benefits as we do with our raw juices. This frequently means juice companies are lowering their concentration of dense leafy greens and increasing their levels of lemon juice, high liquid content ingredients such as cucumber and celery juice, and sometimes even water. 

The FDA requires all juice companies who wholesale to places such as Whole Foods or grocery stores to process their juice by HPP or traditional heat pasteurization methods. Any juice you find in a grocery store type setting has likely been HPP’ed. 

A byproduct and primary advantage of the HPP process for juice companies is it extends the shelf life of the juice for up to 30-60+ days. This means many local juice companies are and have been HPP’ing their juices that they sell out of their stores. At this time the FDA does not currently require juice companies to inform the customer or put on the labels if they HPP their juices or not. You can typically tell by the expiration date of the juices. Fresh, raw, unprocessed cold pressed juices such as ours have an absolute maximum shelf life of 3-4 days.

why juice instead of blending, which maintains fiber?

A key benefit of drinking raw, unprocessed, cold pressed juice is that it bypasses the digestive system allowing the high concentrations of vitamins, phytochemicals, and minerals to be rapidly absorbed by the blood stream with little energy.

why raw foods?

Our food choices are conceived, crafted, and offered to the needs of your body and combined to potentiate your innate bodily energies. By consuming raw foods instead of cooked foods you are putting in your body enzymatically active, probiotic and prebiotically alive nutrients that otherwise get frequently killed off in traditional cooking processes. We’ve designed our menu items to allow you the enjoyment and satisfaction of including “regular” foods and flavor profiles in your diet. Our food offering isn't an afterthought, it's re-thought and specifically designed to be nourishing and organically fueling. We utilize a wide array of techniques and ingredients as to ensure our offerings are uncommonly nutritious.

what are probiotics?

Probiotics are “the good flora” that assist absorption of nutrients, boots the immune system, enhances digestion, and are helpful for elimination and release of toxins in our intestinal system. 

Yes. We offer local delivery within the Dallas area generally within 60 minutes (cleanse orders excluded and must be preordered and delivery scheduled) as well as scheduled deliveries. Orders may be placed via our app, website, or via phone. 

For non-local Dallas area customers we offer Fedex ground shipping for products not requiring refrigeration as well as Fedex Priority Overnight shipments in insulated shipping containers for products requiring refrigeration nationwide. Shipping orders may be placed via our website or via phone. 

Do you deliver or Ship?

Do you franchise?

We do not currently franchise but do have licensing opportunities available for the right people. Please contact us for licensing, investment, and consulting opportunities at info [at] 

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds or returns due to the highly perishable and costly nature of our products. Additionally we are unable to accept product returns after product has left our facility and control due to health, temperature, and sanitation standards.

We encourage cleanse orders to be placed ahead of time so that we may specifically press them for you. This ensures an exact allocation in our produce orders, production schedule, and allows for the freshest juice possible throughout cleanses. As we order produce and specifically press for each order we are unable to offer refunds or credits as product was ordered and produced for each specific order.

What is your RETURN policy?